Behind Your Rig But Front of Mind – Helm Leads the Way in Trailer Service

At Helm Truck & Equipment, we know that whatever you’re hauling – whether a commercial load, equipment or vehicles, or building supplies and raw materials – that’s “precious cargo” in your world. Since you take maintenance of your trailer just as seriously as that of the vehicle that pulls it, we do too. In fact, we’ve got decades of experience maintaining a whole fleet of towed equipment and trailers for the Helm Group, so we understand how crucial it is to keep what’s behind your truck in the front of your mind.

We work on all sizes of trailers, from small trailers towed by light-duty trucks, to semi trailers that haul heavy cargo and equipment day in day out. We can handle every aspect of trailer service including repairing trailer floors, electrical components including lights, wheel bearings, brakes and much more. Stop by our Service Department, call 815-235-7131 or send us an online message today to get your trailer serviced by the leading commercial Service Department in the area.