Computerized Wheel Balancing

Wheels & Tires of All Sizes Can Take Helm’s Computer Wheel Balancing Machine for a Spin.

When you’re behind the wheel of a truck hauling tons of cargo down the road at a steady, productive clip, you want to feel confident that every part of your rig is working in perfect harmony. That extends to every one of your wheels and tires. Helm Truck & Equipment offers Computer Wheel Balancing that spins the entire wheel and tire, allowing our technicians to quickly and accurately balance it out to “zero.” The same goes for parents hauling their kids to the next soccer tournament – when the cargo is even more precious.

Helm Truck & Equipment can handle any size tire, from the big floatation “super single” tires used on semi-trailers down to auto tires. Our machinery and skilled technicians ensure precise physical accuracy, every single time. Stop in, dial 815-235-7131 or send us an online message and take your newly-balanced wheels for a spin today.