Parker Hydraulic Hose Fabrication

Did you know that our Parts department at Helm Truck and Equipment is your local resource for custom Parker hydraulic hose fabrication? We can make your hoses in a hurry, often while you wait. Our Parker Parkrimp 2 hose crimping machine can handle hoses from as small as ¼” to as large as 2” and up to 6000 psi to get your equipment back on the job quickly. We also ensure your hoses are free of contamination by employing the Ultra Clean hose cleaning system to prevent costly equipment failure and downtime. This system fires a cleaning swab through the hose under high pressure, effectively cleaning the inside bore of any foreign material or debris. Your hoses are then capped to assure they remain clean until you’re ready to install them.  Stop by and see how the Parts department at Helm Truck and Equipment is a valuable partner for your business today.